This is Margarida and she is the face and the hands behind Com Raiz.

She has born in the North of Portugal, in Douro region, and she is passionate about Nature, Arts, natural materials and, of course, about wine!

In the hot summer months in Douro Valley, she learned crochet, knitting, embroidery and sewing and absorbed what the women of her family already knew by heart.

Living surrounded by nature, by vineyards and the aromas of the winery of her father, she learned to respect and to follow the country rhythms – a slow living that leads to creation.

She studied Arts in Porto and then Interior Design in Lisbon, but it was only later that she realized that the manual “things” she had learned as a child were her space for relaxation and meditation.

Her training in Arts and Design gave her a new perspective and helped her to develop an idea that combined the manual and the traditional with design and the more contemporary lifestyle. That was how Com Raiz was born.

She really wants to show you mixes of techniques, ancient knowledge and materials that she feel are being lost. And she wants to learn even more! There are so many lost techniques out there! Do you come on this adventure with her?