Handmade Crochet Wall Lamp Half Moon



When olive oil was still being made in old presses, the olives were crushed and placed on top of “seiras or capachos” (a kind of mats made of sisal), which after being pressed, and going through a series of other processes, gave rise to the olive oil. In North of Portugal, where I come from, as in many other parts of Portugal, mills like this are already disappearing and this is my way of remembering them – bringing the shape of the “seira” to a wall lamp.

This wall lamp has a ceramic base that holds the crochet in a half-moon shape, which is handmade in indigo blue recycled cotton, and at the same time is the piece that attaches to the wall.

When turned on, this crochet wall lamp gives a warm and welcoming light that looks beautiful as a spot of light in a room, or even as a bedside table lamp. A cocooning home decor feel. A minimal lamp that is a beautiful gift for your home.

The kit includes the E27 light bulb in a disk shape, because is part of the design.

H: 40 cm x W: 24 cm D: 13 cm

Due to the flexible materials and handmade work, minor deviations can happen

Materials: 100% recycled cotton, textile cable, ceramic

One in Stock. More quantities or colors available by order. Please allow up to 1 week for this.
These products are handmade by me in my studio in Lisbon, Portugal. I love to make them. If you have any special requests I will be very happy to assist you.


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